MCAV Rules and Expectations

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MCAV Rules and Expectations

Post by Jotunn » Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:56 am

1. You need to let go of KB stats.
If you are the kind of person that is very worried about stacking up KB stats and treating them as your skill in the game, you will not enjoy your time here. That kind of mentality leads to risk adversion, which leads to less content. We try and focus on getting as many fights as possbile. The general philosophy is that fights are fun, so lets maximize fights. KB stats are putting pressures on you that are not netting you any fun. So screw it, focus instead on dank frags.

2. You need to be prepared.
You need to be able to fly at LEAST 2 ships from each doctrine at all times. This is our most important rule. By having at least 2 ships from each doctrine available to be flown at all times, it allows you as a member to be ready to join in on fleets whenever we ping for them. It also allows us to know that our members are ready to go and we will be able to form an effective fleet.

The two ship rule works best if you pick one DPS and one support ship, however if this is not possible and combination of 2 ships is acceptable.

If you can fly an alliance provided ship, this does count as one of the two ships you can fly (for example, if you can fly a Guardian and a Damnation, you would buy and bring in the Damnation yourself, but not the Guardian, because the Guardian is provided by the Alliance).

3. You need to be on out of game services
We use several out of game tools: Slack, Teamspeak, Fleetup, Forums, siggy
Slack is our out of game communication tool, we use it for pings. #updates is the only required channel in slack. That is where you will find pings.
Teamspeak we use for voice communications.
Fleetup is used to store our doctrine fittings.
The Forums are used for misc. information.
Siggy is our wormhole mapping tool

4. You have the power to do anything
Every pilot in the alliance has the power to do what you want. You can ping, you can use corp assets, you can lead fleets, you can sell doctrines. Hell we even have a guy that leads highsec ganking ops. I will never let anyone get in the way of someone trying to create content. I dont believe in a lot of internet space titles to make people feel internet space important. If you want to do something,... go for it! If you want to alliance fund something.... ask me! it can be your first day and tiny will take you seriously.

5. You have the right to do nothing
However, everything is optional. If you dont want to go on a fleet, you dont have to. If you would rather keep doing pve or watch porn, thats fine. Nobody ever will CTA you. If you want to be a ping warrior and contribute jack shit otherwise, thats totally fine, Just remember it is you making that choice. Dont expect the content to be what you want, if you arent doing anything to help shape it.

6. If you are causing drama, you are gone.
We all gotta work together. Be careful in comms talking about politics or anything controversial. We have people from all over the world in this alliance, you really dont know who you might offend/start something with. If something does happen, kiss and make up, i dont fucking care. Whatever it is, fix it. Becuase if leadership has to get involved, it is not going to go well for any of you.

A lot of this goes for when Eve Online (man greatest frustration simulator has got you down). We can not tolerate inflammatory people that cause drama when things don't go well.
7. You will never be kicked for being bad at PvP
I cant believe people get kicked for this crap. As far as im concered, everyone is bad. This is why i spend all this time sending out educational material and trying to help people be their own pilots. Eve PvP is hard and often put you in some really unfair situations. I dont care how bad you are, we will make you better. So again, dont sweat the losses, nobody cares of isk-eff. Just dont whelp shit in highsec to ganks/wardecs, and everything is going to be ok.

8. Talking in local
I am not going to tell what you can and cannot say but let me at least say this. We are focused on getting fights here in MCAV, whatever it takes to get a fight, we want to do. So think twice about what you say in local, I dont care about dick waving as much as I do getting PvP. In general being nice to wormhole groups and talking complete cancer in kspace works the best but.... think about it, ur a smart guy, dont cost everyone a fight becuase you want to just spew cancer.

9. Going afk from game
Real life happened and you need to "not eve" for a while.

1. let leadership know.
2. stay active on slack. at least say hi or post memes.

We understand, and you will not be kicked from corp for taking a break. If you fall off the face of the planet you will be kicked from the alliance but of course allowed to rejoin.

10. PvP loot goes to the alliance
After a big fight or operation, all the loot that we pick up is to be delivered to Taryn Sato (in the Alliance MOTD). This will be used to fund all the alliance provided doctrine ships as well as other things. If you are doing dank solo PvP, you are allowed to keep that loot for yourself. But any PvP that involves more than 2 people automatically requires the loot to go to the alliance.
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